Benefits of Tooth Colored Fillings

While metal fillings were once the norm for repairing damaged or decayed teeth, many ACCD dentists are trending towards white cosmetic dental fillings. A more cosmetic alternative to amalgam fillings, resin dental fillings are barely visible to the human eye allowing for a seamless result.

If you have old metal fillings, particularly in your smile zone, ask your local AACD dentist if you qualify to have your metal fillings replaced with a modern resin material. Replacing old metal fillings can improve the aesthetics of your teeth creating a more natural, confident smile.
Young woman, eyes closed portrait white dental fillings cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dental fillings offer patients a range of cosmetic benefits including:

Mimic Natural Ingenuity

Tooth-colored resin dental fillings are designed to mimic the natural inner dentin of your tooth and porcelain dental restoration can mimic the outer shell or enamel of the tooth. These state of the art dental materials designed to function like real tooth materials allow for a more natural result. Modern restorative dentistry allows bite stress to move through the force to prevent damage or movement in the dental filling.

Blend Seamlessly

Cosmetic dental fillings look, function, and feel just like your natural teeth for a beautiful aesthetic result. Cosmetic dental fillings can be color matched to your teeth and reflect light like tooth material for a stunning smile without the appearance of traditional metal fillings.

Bond Better

Metal fillings rest on the surface tooth and do not securely bond with the tooth. Unlike amalgam fillings of the past, modern white dental fillings bond more securely to the natural tooth helping to seal out future decay. Better bonded dental fillings also reduce the risk of a dental filling breaking or becoming loose.

With a careful combination of training and an eye for aesthetics, your AACD dentist can help you restore the appearance of your smile while improving your oral health. Resin dental fillings fit more securely, look more natural, and promote a beautiful, confident smile.