Children’s Teeth FAQ


Will it hurt to have my child’s teeth fixed and what is the cost?

These questions are typically the first ones asked when a child has injured his or her mouth or teeth. This is subjective and depends on the situation. If your child suffers a mouth or tooth injury, it is important to see a dental professional as soon as possible to evaluate the situation and to possibly prevent further damage.


My child’s front teeth stick out. are they more likely to get hurt?

Yes, children and adults with protruding front teeth are more likely to sustain mouth injury. If sports are important to a person’s lifestyle, then a mouth guard should be used for protection. Orthodontics, or braces, should also be considered as a long-term solution.

Why replant teeth in adolescents?

It is true that replanted teeth do not last a lifetime; however, they are expected to last many years. If a tooth can be replanted immediately (within five minutes) after being knocked out, then its survival is lengthened. With an adolescent whose face and jaw is still developing, it’s best to save the original tooth until the adolescent reaches maturity, and then consider long-term replacement options.

Why aren’t baby teeth lost in an accident replanted?

Baby teeth are meant to fall out eventually, with adult teeth to come in behind them. By replanting a baby tooth, you may actually cause damage to the adult tooth behind it. It’s the adult tooth that should be of primary concern.